UNIQLO Spring / Summer 2023 Collection

Clothes that make you feel good, boost your confidence, and brighten your day. LifeWearwith functionality and beauty combined. Sneak peek of Uniqlo’s 2023 Spring Summer Collection ~ LifeWear, Uniqlo U, Uniqlo x INES DE LA FRESSANGE, Uniqlo UT, UV Protection, AIRISM and more.

AIRism T-shirts so comfortable your sweat is wicked away before you know it. Breezy linen shirts in refreshing colors―an artfully updated classic. BLUE CYCLE JEANS reduce the amount of water used in the jeans finishing process by up to 99%*, as part of our efforts to make better and more responsible products. LifeWear is clothing designed to make everyone's life better.

Despite the chill in the air, the mood is here decidedly spring. UNIQLO has put together a lineup of more fashionable outerwear, outfitting apparel with functionality to comfortably navigate the changing of the seasons. In addition to an outerwear variation of the popular Ultra Light Jacket known for its light, flexible, and quick drying functionality, this season wearers can enjoy a wide range of outerwear that meet the needs of various scenarios in everyday life.


Long Gilet

In addition to intelligent tailoring, a deep V opening and long length, the relaxed fit of this gilet captures the mood of this year. This item looks appealing even when casually matched with a t-shirt or tank top.

Warm Padded Vest
This three-layer padded vest, which can be worn either inside or over an outfit, will help combat the chilliness at the beginning of spring. With a moderately short length, the vest balances well with on-trend high-waisted bottoms. The deep arm holes allow it to be worn with items that have fashionable voluminous sleeves. Machine washable functionality is just one aspect of this item that makes it worthy of being called LifeWear.

Utility Parka
Popular parka that is Classic casual outerwear, now has enhanced durability and added water resistant functionality. With a moderately dropped shoulder, length that covers the hips, and a hood that rises cleanly from the nape of the neck, this item is packed with details despite its casual feel. Available in basic olive, white and orange, yellow and, of course, black, the wearer can enjoy modern, colorful styling.


Ultra Light Shirt Jacket
Stay comfortable even as you start to sweat during the hotter months. Hand washable and fast drying, this jacket made of highly functional Ultra Light fabric has been made more casual with a shirt-like design that can be worn as a layer.

Coach Jacket
Waterproof processing has been applied to this relaxed fit coach jacket with a cotton-like matte expression. The simple design is effective for mixing and matching, and a moderately dropped shoulder gives a sophisticated impression. Since last year's Spring/Summer collection, colors for this popular item have been expanded with three additional basic colors: natural, yellow and navy.

With superlative breathability, absorbency, and durability, linen is a naturally highly functional fabric that can be worn for a long time. In addition to Premium Linen, which uses 100% high-quality linen, UNIQLO offers Linen Blend made by mixing different fabrics as part of its rich lineup of items recommended for basic everyday wear. Silhouettes and styles have been expanded this season, as well as fresh new color variations. Adapting to the skin the more it's worn, UNIQLO's lineup of linen items to enhance your appearance are sure to positively affect your quality of life.


Linen Blend Jacket & Wide Pants

Cool linen has been blended with rayon and polyester to create a beautiful jacket and pants with elegant draping. The double-breasted jacket is oversized, while the pants have been updated with a wide silhouette. Paired together these items give off a more refined impression.

Linen Blend Gather Camisole Dress
An airy cool empire dress that evokes feelings of a resort in midsummer. Rayon-cotton blended with linen creates a casual texture. In addition to basic colors, such vivid hues as fuschia pink and light blue also make the refined characteristic of linen stand out.


Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt
A standard long-sleeve shirt made of high-quality 100% European linen, a neat body and bagginess around the shoulder line create an exquisite balance. A refined French front achieves a simplicity that is effective for mixing and matching, and rich color variation that is complimented by the natural linen texture are highlights of this item.

Continuing the trend from Fall/Winter, this season wider silhouettes that are a little baggy have become mainstream. UNIQLO has increased its lineup of casual bottoms fit for Spring/Summer that will be the deciding factor of what looks fresh. Even causal items achieve a clean look when worn finding the right balance in an outfit, for a lineup that covers a wide range of scenarios. With summer in mind, besides pants there are also shorts with a sense of luxury for men, and for women a full-length voluminous skirt.


Pleated Wide Pants

This season you can expect to see more of the wide-fit tuck pants that were well received in Fall/Winter. For MENS, the pants have a gentle one-tuck around the waist, creating a somewhat tapered silhouette. For WOMENS, the high-waisted two-tuck makes legs look long with a single clean line. These items also boast comfortable 2WAY Stretch that extends both lengthwise and crosswise, and easy care functionality.


Easy Cargo Pants

These cargo Pants feature workwear-inspired pockets and stitching and a moderately wide silhouette. The hem width can be adjusted to match the wearer’s tastes, and a slightly brushed cotton-nylon blend fabric creates a soft texture. This item is a good fit for genderless fashion.


Two Types of Utility Work Pants (Painter/Cargo)

Items with workpants details have been added to the lineup this spring. One item, Double Knee Painter Pants with knee pads, are somewhat loose, straight, and with a regular fit. Another is neatly wearable cargo pants in loosely tapered stretch cotton with a wide fit. The fabric and texture work together to evoke a rich expression.

Corduroy Shorts
For early summer, UNIQLO has prepared neat looking shorts that are a little bit shorter than last year. This new item, styled after work pants, has a comfortable easy waist and thin summer corduroy fabric. With pastel colors that highlight the charm of corduroy, these shorts are recommended for any gender.

Lately, UNIQLO jeans have been making progress towards becoming items that are sought after by jeans enthusiasts. At the crux of that effort is the company’s Jeans Innovation Center (JIC) in Los Angeles. Through the pursuit of leading-edge technology and design, this R&D center outputs jeans boasting the highest quality and comfort. Handling everything from the development and selection of threads and fabrics to the finishing processes, the JIC is answering the needs of the wearer through its decisive manufacturing prowess. In addition to a broad range of cuts that reflect the mood of today’s wearer, including skinny, slim, and wide cuts, UNIQLO has created a lineup of jeans with superlative comfort and capacity for self-expression.


Boyfriend Tapered Jeans

The long-awaited arrival of boyfriend tapered jeans made of soft 100% cotton denim material, developed in partnership with Kaihara. A mid-rise and a relaxed fit that draws a moderately tapered line create the impression of a well put-together look.


Wide Fit Jeans

Jeans with cleanly executed, workwear inspired details that garnered popularity in the Fall/Winter season have been enhanced with a high rise. The slightly tight silhouette expands the styling options available.



Uniform Blue

The deep texture and beautiful color of indigo dye, silhouettes with a relaxed feel, and modern designs with roots in vintage workwear. The much talked about collection released in Spring/Summer 2022 as “a uniform for today” has been further polished and expanded for this year. Newly blended with linen, the softer and cooler summer denim fabric that easily adapts to everyday lifestyles is a must. While the range of the sizes available for men has been expanded, the designs are simple and genderless, so they can also be recommended for anyone.

Utility Denim Jacket (Cotton Linen)
This popular cover-all with larger pockets has the makings of vintage authentic workwear. The summer denim fabric, with a thinness achieved through a linen blend, can be enjoyed right up until early summer.

Denim Work Pants (Cotton Linen)
Just like the jacket, the cool linen blend makes these work pants comfortable. The pants feature such intricate details as a tool pocket with its roots in painter paints and a hammer loop, which add a touch of character. Pair with the jacket for a look with gravitas.


This Spring/Summer season, incremental updates have been made to match the physical make-up and idiosyncrasies of men and women. MENS items newly have deodorant functionality installed, while WOMENS items employ a silk blend for a highly fashionable tank top.

AIRism, the functional fabric with a complex structure, can now be made with recycled materials that kinder to the environment. Going beyond simple innerwear, AIRism continues to evolve as a highly functional fabric that provides comfort 365 days a year as an indispensable part of LifeWear.


AIRism Tank Top (Silk Blend)

Introducing a lustrous ribbed tank top in a silk blend. The ribbed texture dispels the item image of innerwear. In addition to being easy to wear as a fashionable part of an outfit, breathability and improved dry functionality make sweat stains less noticeable in summer.

AIRism Bra Camisole
The classic cotton sheeting camisole has evolved since last spring to a design that is seamless at the chest and arm holes. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but the lines do not show through, making it easy to match with light clothing. This season, the care label has been newly printed on the fabric, making it even more comfortable to the touch.


AIRism Crew Neck

A classic cotton sheeting T-shirt that is loved as innerwear for all seasons. AIRism material uses polyester microfiber, turning the notion that "underwear is made of cotton" on its head. However, now UNIQLO has succeeded in adding recycled material made from collected PET bottles. The wearer can feel some peace of mind knowing they are wearing clothing made from more sustainable materials.

AIRism Anti Odor Mesh T-Shirt/Tank Top
This year, a reliable "strong deodorant" functionality has been added to this breathable mesh innerwear that is indispensable in the hot summer. Water absorption and drying functionality has increased by 1.5 times, greatly reducing discomfort caused by sweat. The neckline has also been uddated with a seamless v-neck. It can be worn not only under a business shirt, but also as an inner layer under a T-shirt—the fact that it doesn't show through clothes cannot be overlooked.

UV Protection

Since its introduction in 2004, UNIQLO has continued to pursue both functionality and fashion of the UV protection wear, expanding the number of items employing the technology as it attracts more attention year by year. Technically, two technologies (UV reflection and absorption) are used, depending on the characteristics of the fabric, to create a material that blocks 90% of UV rays.

This season, a wide range of fashion items incorporate this UV protection functionality, and WOMENS shirts and dresses have also been added to the lineup. Available in a wide variety of colors, and it’s worth noting that even light colors that are said to let light through easily can be expected to have sufficient UV protection.


AIRism UV Protection Mesh Parka
Consider that if you continue to be exposed to UV rays every day, even for just 10 minutes while you hang your laundry, for example, the damage to your skin will be greater. This parka acts as a "wearable sunscreen" that can be put on in a second to protect against UV rays when you wouldn’t even expect you need to, whether you are eating or drinking on the terrace or taking a walk. This season, the item has a new deodorant function and can now be packed away so that it can be carried compactly. In addition to UV protection, it is made of breathable AIRism material, making it the ideal extra layer for Spring/Summer.

UV Protection Cardigan (Crew Neck/V Neck Long)
UNIQLO have introduced more variations of light and stylish cardigans with UV protection. The crew neck variation is available in jersey material as well as knit, and the V-neck is available in two types, normal length and long length. The Spring/Summer color pallet is also sure to excite wearers.

UV protection Shirt Dress & Shirt
UV protection functionality has not only been applied to items that can be worn open as a layer, but also to such outfit staples as shirts and dresses. The reassurance of being able to effortlessly block UV rays while being fashionable is part of the richness that LifeWear strives to offer.


DRY-EX UV Protection Full-Zip Parka

A new sporty full-zip UV protection parka that was created based on customer feedback. Even men who are not in the habit of applying sunscreen frequently can easily take measures against harmful UV rays simply by putting it on. Featuring DRY-EX functionality that instantly absorbs and dries sweat, this long-sleeve item remains comfortable to wear even in the middle of summer.

For more information about UNIQLO Spring / Summer 2023 Collection, please visit UNIQLO Malaysia Website, Facebook, and Instagram #Uniqlo23SS #UniqloMY #MYLifeWear

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