TerompahSurau Giveaway!!!

kritik (malay word)...

critic (english word)..

2 diff spellings but give the same meanings..

tapi bab komen-mengomen...ke arah kabaikan...I amat suke...he...he...

act, 5 things that i like about terompahsurau.blogspot.... (why must 5 not 6 or 4...haiaya...i only got 5 ideas...hmmm)

1. it's good to see a creative site which full of information/simple notes plus selling cute n tiny things...

2. this site....can keep track the visitors from the whole world (give statistic...so cool)

3. if u want to have the cute2 n nice things as been advertised from terompahsurau...u can get more info from etsy liyana shop....

4. the name of this url....terompahsurau....ahaks sounds unique...still remember my nickname when i was form 1 - terompahbisu...but now i'm using ayuarjuna as nickname...

5. from your blog posting- it tells me that u're happy go lucky person, sporty (i think), creative and love to be pampered....(u love all the cute2 things same as me even i am 31 on this coming 12 march...arghhh...)

so...guys...the other bloggers...if u want to have that loveley pencilcase as u can see from the pic above....go n explore this BLOG!!

Below are some details i got from the Liyana's bog aka terompah surau:

Prizes would be:New Limited Edition Liyana's Pencilcase for him & her with a cute monster to cheer your bag! A $ 39 value ( shipping on me)!

Here is 3 ways to enter:
1. Just leave any positive critics on ANY of my blog posts from now till March 19th.

2. Sign up for our Newsletter on the top right hand side of this blog. No worries, I just send some amazing close-outs and giveaways straight to your mail box.

3. Promote my giveaway on your blog! Feel free to pull this image to use on your blog. And don't forget to leave me a comment so I know you did join my little giveaway.

Ok...i already join....how about u guys....meh ler memeriahkan hidup liyana...heheh..

So Liyana...Happy Birthday....always be happy...may success always be with u...
TerompahSurau Giveaway!!! Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on March 07, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. hai sweetie..nice to know that u are in the giveaway..mari lah berdoa beramai2 moga menang..ihihi..

    p/s: pujian itu bikin daku segan..ahaks..thanks sbb enjoy reading the blog


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