I will vote for Acha

Why I choose Acha...These are 5 reasons why I will vote for Acha to be Malaysian dreamgirl for this year...!

1. Beauty VS Brain
Brain is more important than beauty. Brain is real & tangible, and beauty is imagined, seen, but not tangible.

Acha has both...superb...

2. Talented

She know's how to play violin...awesome...must have skill to play that instrument...

3. Cheerful
Being in good spirits; merry.
Reflecting willingness or good humor

4. Work hard and smart

Always want to improve herself...she won Adidas products worth Rm500 (not sure either product or voucher)...after being selected winner for "pose n shot" (can check on web) in week four.

5. i like her...i dunno why...but from my observation she can go further...with her good attitude and charming style...

you...go-go girl..

Vote for U ACHA!!!

To vote for Acha, type DREAM 01 and send to 33001.


I will vote for Acha Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on March 12, 2009 Rating: 5


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