Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes is awesome show!

Last 2 years I went to Finding Nemo show at Bukit Jalil (same place with DOI). So for this year we went again but for Disney On Ice-Princess Wishes Show. There are 7 princess stories; aladin n princess jasmine, snow white, ariel (the mermaid), sleeping beauty, beauty n the beast, mulan and cinderella. So many gimmicks and the choreographers are really amazing. I really impressed. And the most "syok" part is our vip seat, so closed with main stage...(I won consolotion prize DOI tix under ASTRO)...hehe

act..not only these pictures...i have a lot..but no time to upload...nanti ya...very buzy this week...
Disney on Ice - Princess Wishes is awesome show! Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on March 22, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. bestnya...u are so lucky sbb dpt VIp tix ayu :P

  2. VIP ticket = RM 228 each.. won 4 tickets... if anybody happen to bought it don't worry, it worth every penny of your hard earn money :) personally i don't like this kind of stuff but to see the smile of my kids face is priceless... plus Ayu to... hahahaha.. mummy pun bersungguh jugak

  3. thanks ms_sz...anyway...klu u join insyaAllah blh dapat...takpe2 next time ms_sz....hek eleh dedet....bukannya awk senyum lebar dari mula sampai habis citer...ceh2...nak cover line la tuh...

  4. hahahaha.. btw, all the actor/actress (or rather ice skater?) are quite handsome & beautiful too... padan sangat jadi prince/princess LOL :) ada naga kuar api lagi.. ganaz2...


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