Are we the BEST rabbit hunter??

12 Tips for Rabbit Hunters
written by Keith Sutton

Although most rabbit hunters bag a few cottontails or swamp rabbits on each trip afield, certain techniques can bolster your success. These 12 tips should help you better enjoy the experience of rabbit hunting this season.

1. Leapfrogging
2. Farm Help
3. Sunrise and sunset scouting
4. Dress for success
5. Remember the orange rhino
6. Barrels and bullets
7. Icy weather equals hot hunting
8. Look 'em in the eye
9. Watch over your shoulder
10. Stop-and-go hunting
11. Woodland rabbits
12.Take a kid hunting

feel bad when we see this kind of pic...torture that cute animal (kejamess)

Well, alicewonders...(selling hot handbags online) has organized a few contests via's really cool and fun if you can join this contest (might one of the bag can be yours!!)

hmmm...hope can win this...(cannot stop dream to have one of alicewonders bag)..huishhh

There are 3 categories:

Fastest Hunter Award (5 prizes)The fastest hunter every day gets one FREE bag. 5 hunting days, 5 bags to be won! (to know more)

Fastest Hunter Award (5 prizes)The fastest hunter every day gets one FREE bag. 5 hunting days, 5 bags to be won! (yo! click here)

Creative Hunter Award (1 prize)Just make a posting in your blog about our rabbit hunting competition! One best blog gets to win a FREE bag too! ( here!)

A total of 7 FREE BAGS TO BE WON! (WOW)
Psst....There's also consolation prizes! All participants that submitted an entry with full particulars to, automatically wins a 15% discount coupon to shop in So everyone is a winner!

So guys....come n join...may luck with you!!!! muahhh
Are we the BEST rabbit hunter?? Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on March 15, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. all the best in ur rabbit hunting yer...emm..mcm susah nak menang jer game/contest ni...;)

  2. tu ler...klu mng kira cam luck je suzie...hmmm

  3. Just for info:
    AliceWonders has announced the winners in the Facebook:
    Gung-Ho Hunter: Mei Ng
    Creative Hunter: iliznorizan

    :( no luck again for this kind of contest..


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