@The Apartment Restaurant/cafe The Curve

FRONT VIEW the Apartment, The Curve PJ

Interior design- you feel just like in your home...the chairs, tables and surrounding

outside view

from left side...u can see the promotion banting...

at the back - dry kitchen from outside

at one corner in the Apartment Restaurant..like at mini library in our apartment/house...hehe

see afiq...(buat cam umah sendiri lak)

so using my rm50 voucher won frm maskulin mag. i bought chicken bag- price if bot mistaken Rm23 plus..since i packed all the foods, so this is how chicken bag looks like...they use cabonara paste, very cheessy, chicken (they chpped into cubes)..etc..the taste is really good...all my kids this chicken bag very much...

this is special recipe from the chef, chicken green curry..price...RM13 plus...u can choose either want to eat with bread or rice...i choose bread...not spicy..and it's tastier..!

close-ip from packaging...

I packed all the foods...since my husband is working at that time...
For me the price is reasonable and all the foods look so tempting..
But for Muslim please do not take/order the cake...since their put wine as one of the ingredient...
The Apartment at the Curver open everyday from 10am..and close it depends on customer...sometimes it's up to 2am...(haiya..clashed with my sleeping time..hehe)

@The Apartment Restaurant/cafe The Curve Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on March 31, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. the food looks so yummy...
    and gratz for the winning from maskulin (for me it's very2 hard to win from this mag..pernah lah menang few times quite sometime ago -a ad sekali tu menang voucher manhattan fish shop...sedap mkn kat situ ;)

  2. hehe...tq ms_sz...act...i tak perasan pun valid vou tu smpi 31/3...just received a few days before...n then nak expired dah...so kira cam order tu kelam kabut...heheh...tapi dia punya customer service mmg excellent la...manhattan fish shop ..oo mesti try nihh

  3. wahahaha.. akid & afiq lepak cam umah sendiri je... cantik je restoran tu, ndak g la lain kali..


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