Jing Jing ChocoMosquito Contest

32 nyamuks already mati,

been killed by profesional nyamuk serial killer,

Now Jing2 days no nyamuks make her more happy,

Can share her Toblerone with me..because my body less of sugar...


some info/facts about nyamuk aka mosquito which people should know!!


Auntie jing2 I dun have any masquito net,

I only have badminton racket,

so many nyamuk sucking my blood until I penet,
Arghh...all this nyamuk issue make me so mad!
Can use glade or kenot,

My mum say kenot,

My dad say kenot,

why everybody say kenot..

haiya....afiq kenit also say kenot!

Oooo....Now I know....

i dun have any weapons or nets or what ever,

to kill smoothly and softly all these nyamuks err,

I forgot that...errr

my dad already bought nyamuk killer spray errrr..

errr...errr (i dunno what happened to me, already dizzy i think errr)



say no to nyamuks!!!

Want to join this contest...lai...lai... click this....
Jing Jing ChocoMosquito Contest Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on March 04, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. aiyoo Mummy... pic Anaqi ngan singlet pun ambil ka? tak berhemah sungguh... tapi kan, nice story line... kreatif, inovatif, gratis hahahaha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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