Wake The Crew's Malaysia Debut: Introducing Coffee Concentrate Sachets for On-the-Go Quality

Wake The Crew, the pioneers of coffee concentrates for busy professionals, are embarking on an exciting journey as they expand their reach to Malaysia, starting with Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor. Established in 2020, the company has made a substantial impact in Singapore, serving over 100,000 bottles of their signature coffee concentrates and ready-to-drink cold brews to date. 

Recognising a need for convenient coffee solutions for working professionals in Malaysia, Wake The Crew will be providing sachet versions of their best-selling coffee concentrates, enabling Malaysians to access quality coffee on-the-go.

The Coffee Revolution Continues
Wake The Crew began its journey as a solution to the coffee needs of busy professionals. Founded by working professionals Lee Ting Ong & Christabel Cher, they understand the challenge of finding time to brew a good cup of coffee and the constant need to resort to café visits. 

The idea for Wake The Crew was born from this experience, with the belief that coffee should be accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. They created Coffee Concentrates designed with the busy consumer in mind – making it easy to pour, mix, and enjoy. 

New Product Launch: Coffee Concentrate Sachets for On-the-Go Quality
Wake The Crew's expansion into Malaysia is not just about crossing borders; it is a strategic move to introduce their newest product innovation: Coffee Concentrate Sachets. Similar to their existing coffee concentrate bottles, the sachets can be consumed simply by adding milk or water, hot or cold. 

However, the sachets bring about an added level of convenience with a 6x concentrated coffee, longer shelf life, easy heating and travel-friendly size, providing unparalleled versatility. Now, busy professionals and working adults can enjoy quality coffee on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

In line with this launch, Wake The Crew is introducing a special first-buyer promotion for Malaysia. New customers can now avail a fantastic offer of 50% off their first box of coffee concentrate sachets! Enjoy the same great taste and convenience at half the price, exclusively for a limited time.

Charting a Path to Success
"The journey has been both challenging and rewarding. We started in 2020 with a vision to provide high-quality coffee concentrates to our customers, and since then, we've experienced significant growth," said Lee Ting Ong, Co-founder of Wake The Crew. 

"Expanding our operations overseas and setting up a manufacturing facility in Malaysia are major milestones that reflect our commitment to serving our customers better. While there have been hurdles along the way, the progress we've made in raising brand awareness and boosting online sales is encouraging. We are excited about our future and remain dedicated to offering premium coffee solutions to busy professionals."

Malaysia and Beyond: A Vision for Global Expansion
As they expand into Malaysia, Wake The Crew is dedicated to increasing brand awareness and product awareness. They plan to use online platforms and pop-up events in Kuala Lumpur to promote their brand and products. Their goal is to make coffee concentrates as popular in Malaysia as they are in Singapore

Looking ahead, Wake The Crew has grand plans for regional and international expansion. In 2023, the company will further extend its reach into Vietnam and lay the groundwork for entering Indonesia and South Korea in the next 3-5 years. These ambitious steps are part of Wake The Crew's vision to make premium coffee accessible to people across the globe.

For more information about Wake The Crew and their products, please visit https://wakethecrewcoffee.com.my/
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