JOBJOM set to jolt online employment market, hike employment ratio

JOBJOM set to jolt online employment market, hike employment ratio- Newly launched job site JOBJOM is an on-demand service portal providing solutions for employers, jobseekers and freelancers. With a strong belief that finding the right connection should not be limited by a lack of choices nor hindered by economy or costs, JOBJOM is determined to make a difference. It has set its sights firmly on becoming Malaysia’s number one choice for employers, jobseekers and freelancers.

JOBJOM’s solutions are dedicated to overcoming challenges and predicaments faced by these three groups. Fueled by a lofty yet exciting target, JOBJOM looks to achieve a 100% employment rate in Malaysia for every employer, jobseeker and freelancer in its community. The platform believes that its online solutions are timely and will be well received with the obvious online shift in habits accelerated by the global pandemic.

The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) recently indicated that the employment-to-population ratio was 66.2%, in January 2022. These statistics, which indicate the ability of an economy to create employment, can be boosted and JOBJOM aims to be the catalyst to achieving better growth.

“The employment market needs to change!” Mr. Will Ong, Director of Partnerships said, believing that JOBJOM will have something for everyone.

“We challenge the status quo by offering viable options to employers, jobseekers and freelancers for their needs and we look forward to this exciting journey,” added Mr. Lennon Chu, Director of Operations.

According to 2020 data by the Employee Provident Fund (KWSP), there are a total of 14.89 million members, of which 7.59 million are active and there are 534,398 employers. These numbers are set to increase in 2023 and Mr. Ong believes JOBJOM’s solution will prove to be beneficial.


As a majority of Malaysian businesses recover progressively from COVID-19, many may be
reinstating recruitment efforts, and are looking for manpower to help businesses make headway
at a better and faster pace.

However, not all available vacancies can be publicised because the company – or its hiring manager – needs to consider the high cost per job post, and only selected vacancies can be uploaded. Other recruitment services for higher positions may be beyond a firm’s budget – a common situation even pre-pandemic. In a typical demand outweighing supply scenario, this could be the plausible cause of job shortages in the market.

JOBJOM invites all companies to be part of its employers’ community. Registration is absolutely free and it is also always FREE to post a job on JOBJOM. The employers’ community will find a convenient one-stop solution with no hidden fees or charges upon registration and full access to
a Resource Centre containing relevant human resource information. The content of the Resource Centre will be updated from time to time and shall remain fully accessible with a registered account.

JOBJOM’s TalentMore – a self-served paid feature – enables employers to take on a proactive role in the search for talent. Employers can be their own “headhunter” from less than RM7.50 per talent profile; a fraction of what is commonly charged by recruiters.


At a limited-time-only nominal registration fee of RM9.90 per annum, jobseekers can have access to an abundance of job opportunities and access to JOBJOM’s Knowledge Hub and Download Centre. These will help prepare candidates with information for their next big interview, or tips to improve resumes and cover letters. Similarly, its content will be continuously updated and shall remain fully accessible with a registered account – a perk only available at JOBJOM as other platforms charge per content access. 

Jobseekers can also be enlisted in the TalentMore database indicating that they are prepared to
be hunted and recruited by employers.

Upon registering on JOBJOM, jobseekers can share a unique link to grow the database and gain rewards. Chu said the site’s revenue is either shared or re-invested into the platform to help more jobseekers reap the benefits, convenience, as well as the resources. JOBJOM believes that this community-sharing method enables everyone to work towards a common goal for a better Malaysia.


JOBJOM also serves as an on-demand service portal by offering solutions to accommodate the growing gig economy – an economic model dependent on freelancers whose services are based on skills, on-demand, short-term contracts or flexible employment. This industry consists of the younger generation who are technology-savvy and are connected to potential customers through online platforms.

A 2021 news report cited that there are close to four million freelance workers in Malaysia, and the figure is on the rise as more turn to digital platforms in search of livelihoods after losing their jobs during the pandemic.

JOBJOM offers an ad-based model for freelancers from as low as less than RM0.50 per day. Freelancers can showcase their expertise and potential customers may contact them directly. JOBJOM will not charge any success fee from the transaction.

In summary, JOBJOM cares and strives to make a difference, believing that jobseekers should grab the opportunity when it arises. In sharing the unique link with fellow jobseekers, JOBJOM hopes to unite users and allow benefits to be experienced by everyone. “In doing so, we can overcome any diversities – pandemic or not – through connection, community and care. Above all, we are confident that JOBJOM can offer something whether you are an employer, jobseeker or a freelancer,” Mr. Chu said. To learn more, please visit

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  1. Ok. I will share this information with my sister so that she could start searching for jobs. Thanks so much for the information.

  2. Dulu ingat lagi sebelum dapat kerja, banyak online cari kerja I join. Boleh la tengok post ni balik bila time Dania nak cari kerja.

  3. Platform yang bagus especially untuk fresh graduate yang sedang mencari kerja

  4. Sesuai utk fafa yang tengah nak cari keje ni. Nnt nak terjah jugak la

  5. Wahhh ni peluang untuk majikan post job opportunity kan! Nell nampak ada freelancer opportunity too! Kena grab juga la boleh generate side income ni as freelance

  6. another great place to find a job. Very nice la JOBJOM ni. Boleh la saya rekemen adik saya yang nak cari kerja tu.

  7. Dulu2 time cari keja memang cari JOBJOM set, skrg masih juga dorang guna cara ni

  8. Oklah ni banyak tempat dan sumber nak cari peluang pekerjaan. Harap sesiapa yang perlukan peluang pekerjaan akan dapat manfaatkan

  9. Thanks for sharing this, i will inform my cousin who is looking for jobs to check out this site.

  10. this sounds like such a useful platform for future employees!


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