@Lunch at OLD TOWN White Coffee@

Again after 5 hours class, i feel so exhausted and tired (haha), me myself and Anaqi went to OldTown White Coffee at Kelana Jaya..for lunch...This time I just want to eat "roti Bakar"...so the best place to get "roti bakar" and kick coffee are from the Kopitiam...
For drinks - Ice Lemon Tea (for Anaqi) and Hazel Nut Coffee (for me)
Anaqi so 'teruja' in eating

Total for that lunch is...jeng..jeng RM20.45
AHAKS..I will claim from my hubby...heheh..take note DAD!!
@Lunch at OLD TOWN White Coffee@ Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on December 18, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. wei mi sek17 kan ada... dekat haper..

    p/s; Perhatian, barang2 yg jadi darah daging tidak dibenarkan claim berkuatkuasa hari ini. Wassalam.

  2. aper superkemut... nak simpan duit beli umah atas air awaklah... hahaha kat KB ada mi, rumah rakit.. ndak?


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