@Corat-coret Selesa Balik Kg event bersama PAMA n MAMYPOKO@

Akid, Anaqi n YAna at the PD beach..they love it!!
PLay time..at swimming poolss...the kids are really excited

Prize giving ceremony to all grand prize winners...selekehnya la winner berbaju hijau tuh!
All winners we gather-gather together lagi ok
Anaqi won 2nd prize..pecah belon ke apa...dia memang kuat memecah ahaks
Heheh...no comment..representative one of my kids..si akid yang pemalu tak naik pentas la pulok
the main stage...see so many mamypoko's there..I just won 2 small packs..sodey!!
Play sand time!!

@Corat-coret Selesa Balik Kg event bersama PAMA n MAMYPOKO@ Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on December 16, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. mi yg 2nd price tu menang 'musical chair' loh... paling banyak dapat tiup belon anaqi 1st...

  2. belated congrats from me...bestkan u dpt jd one of the winners for that contest..i joined, tp tak de rezeki -so tak menang..huhuh..


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