Ferrari California

The newest member in the prancing horse stable is one of my favourite cars this year. The Ferrari California (codenamed F149 GT) is a 2+2 hard top convertible and was launch somewhere in the mid 2008 by the boys at Maranello.
The model featured a few firsts for Ferrari which are the first Ferrari with a 7-speed twin clutch transmission, the first with direct injection, the first mid-front mounted V8 powerplant and the first with a folding metal hard top. It’s intended to be the more versatile grand touring sports car than most previous Ferrari.
Both the chassis & body of the car are formed from lightweight Aluminium. It’s also equipped with Ferrari’s F1-Trac traction control system (plus CST stability control) and has been adapted to suit the typical driving conditions expected for this GT car. It manage to swap closed from open (convertible to coupe) in under 15 seconds. That's a lightyear faster than what it take for my wife to prepare me a decent ramen (read Maggi mee). LOL :)

Full specifications are as below.

1) Engine: All-Alluminium 4.3 litre V8
2) Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch RWD
3) Brakes: Brembo carbon-ceramic disc
4) Max Power: 460PS (454bhp) @ 7,500rpm
5) Max Torque: 375lb ft
6) Red line: 8,000rpm
7) Acceleration (0-62mph): < 4s
8) Weight: 1735kg
9) Boot capacity: 340litres / 240litres (roof stowed)
10) Price tag: RM 742,400.00 (again, before our exorbitant taxation)

I like: A pretty darn beautiful car with lusty sportiness. The line flow beautifully (the fluidity of the car). A well engineered coupe/convertible that not pretty obvious about it transforming ability. Havenly 'music' fproduced by the large V8 (check the 2nd clip & you'll agree). Hey, it's a Ferrari, how can u hate it? It's an object of beauty. Full stop.

I don't like: You must be a retarded person if you ever want to fit in the rear passenger seat in the coupe mode. Again, the fact that i can't afford it. It's made for rich cats. Sigh.
Ferrari California Reviewed by Hermit on December 27, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. That's a lightyear faster than what it take for my wife to prepare me a decent ramen (read Maggi mee). LOL :)----> haiya...r sure about that...

  2. sure lah... the fastest u can do is125.473secs mah (lama tuh)

    so mi, bila nak kasi present kreta 'kuda' nih? boleh bawak u g kopitiam mah..


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