Borneo Bikers Club (BBC)

One evening on a beautiful peacefull road. A few units of man-mover (rumour said being secretly developed by Modenas) had been seen zooming around some remote location.

Specification (agak2 from pics lah):

1)Bodyframe : Underbone type

2)Base materials: Wood (kayu jati & not kayu bakau ok, kena jaga kualiti) plus rubber

3)Front brake: None what so ever

4)Rear brake: Drum (with EBA, EBD, ABC, KFC etc. etc.)

5)Wheels: Two - 8 inch Enkei Racing Series (coupled with Kumho super low profile tires)

6)Acceleration (0-100km/h): Forever (hahaha)

7)Maximum speed: Faster than Afiq but depend on slope inclination, wind speed & rider weight

8)Dry Weight: 40 kg (kalah Siti haha)

9)Maximum load: +- 80kg (berat Maria SharipahOver)

10)Seating capacity: 1 person (about 5 Doctor Evil's mini me)

11)Powerplant/Engine: 2.0 litre i-vTEC engine with Dvvt, vvt-i, klcc & klia (invisible)

12)Force Induction: 2-stage Apexi Turbocharger (also invisible hahaha)

13)Fuel tank capacity: No need (natural power mah)

14)Coefficient of drag (Cd): 0.333 (tested in BMW-Sauber wind tunnel)

15)Weight to power ratio: 9.09 lbs/hp

16)Redline: 6500 rpm

17)Max Power: 193hp @ 5132 rpm (we are talking about serious power here)

18)Max Torque: 225 ft-lbs @ 4219 rpm (as if.. hahaha)

19)I dunno u lah... u think youself LOL
(Latest update: It is believe that the project had been abandon recently because now harga petrol RON97 murah so semua orang boleh pakai fuel-guzzling Hummer balik semata-mata nak gi beli slurpee or kopi old town).
Sekian. Terima kasih.
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