The 8 Colours of Malaysians this Raya Season!

The Raya celebrations is a perfect opportunity for those celebrating to give their home a new look. Just like your taste in music, clothes, food and everything in between, there isn’t just one way to do this as everyone has different preferences.

Have you ever wondered then, what your Raya designs say about you? Well, look no further as we’ve got the answer to your question! In this article, we’re exploring 8 different personalities and the best Raya colour palette to cate to these unique personalities! All you have to do is look out for the personality trait that speaks directly to you.

Personality Trait #1:The Harmony-Seeking One

Warm-hearted by nature, Raya to you is all about ensuring that your family gathers in an inviting yet calming ambient. This brilliant shade of blue and green in Turkish Tile works in perfect harmony allowing the spirit of Raya to be manifested in any space, elevating the sophistication and aesthetic effortlessly. To get that elegant look and feel for your space, simply pair the shade with any other warm colours!

Turkish Tile BGG 1590D

Personality Trait #2: The “Good-Vibes” Only

Are you all about being your authentic self, exuding nothing but good vibes? If yes, then the Winter Moss shade is made for you! This rich shade of colour will bring about positive feelings, as well as good fortune to the owner! Prep your home this Raya with this warm hue that compliments the bold tone of Drama Red or the cool tones of White Concrete for a touch of luxury.

Winter Moss BGG 1723D

Personality Trait #3: The Minimalist

Clean lines, uncluttered and monochromatic. For you, less is simply more. Why not give your space a fresh breath or air with Castle in the Air, the graceful tones of blues and purple? Create a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere within your home or office to embrace togetherness this Raya with your loved ones!

Castle in the Air N 1954D

Personality Trait #4: The Romantic (Ooh-la-la!)

Do you feel that you’re often more in touch with your feelings, needing to express the great intensity you experience through art or other creative acts? If yes, then we’ve got the ideal shade for you this Raya season! Neutral yet delicate, trust us when we say that the cool sunset hue of Plymouth Notch radiates an optimistic and peaceful aura which is perfect for your family’s Raya gathering!

Plymouth Notch N 1888P

Personality Trait #5: The Extrovert

If you’re the type of person who loves meeting new people and feel energized by socialising, then the summery warmth of Golden Charmer is perfect you this Raya season! Vibrant and lively, this shade injects a sense of joy and contentment into any social space to bring about the feeling of joy and celebration that accentuate the festive energy. For a modern and chic space, the shade can be paired together with the textured paint series for a unique and refreshed look!

Golden Charmer YO 1191D

Personality Trait #6: The Sensitive Soul

Contrary to popular belief, being sensitive is actually a type of strength. Compassionate, intuitive and empathetic – these are the types of strength that have the power to change the world. In the spirit of Raya, let the cheerful fresh hue of Pink Floss colour the walls of your residence by bringing charm and youthful energy to a sophisticated space in your home!

Pink Floss AC 2080A

Personality Trait #7: The Nature Lover

Have you always gravitated towards nature? And does the thought of being around natural elements spark your sense of adventure? If yes, then Aztec is the choice of Raya colour for you! This year, why not celebrate Raya with the earthy choice of warm tones that blends well with natural materials and wood finishes? With the introduction of foliage, enjoy the luxury of feeling the beauty of mother nature right within the confines of your home.

Aztec R 1366D 

Personality Trait #8: The Classic Chic

When it comes to designs, you tend to lean towards timeless pieces! Enjoy the Raya festivity this time round on a lighter note with naturally inspired creamy hue of Shitake for a comforting feeling when you have guests or to relax after a day of visiting. To create a refreshing yet energising vibe to your space, pair the shade with tonal shades of green, muted browns, warm oranges and beige!

Shitake N 1873P

Q&A with Interior Designer Ben Firdaus!

Need more advice on home design and decorations for this Raya season? Lucky for you, we’ve got Interior Designer Ben Firdaus to answer some of your most burning questions!

1. What are some simple hacks I can use to fill my minimalist-looking space?

  • One of the easiest ways to give your space a different look and feel is to switch up the colour of space. 
  • If budget is a concern, then you can consider repainting just one feature wall, which is enough to create an impactful change to the space.
  • Another way to enhance your space is to reuse and rearrange existing furniture and decorations – it’s fairly easy to do and this can immediately create a difference. Best if a unique piece of deco is used as a focal point!

2. How can I mix and match patterns or colours together in a tasteful manner?

  • First, you need to sketch out a rough idea of a design you have in mind, which you can easily reference from the Internet or magazines, where you can also learn how to match colours and patterns!
  • If you’re still unsure of how to go about, the safest way is to first go with a combination of earthy colours. 
  • However, if you prefer bright colours like orange, yellow and red, try mixing these colours with shades from the same family such as amber, tangerine maroon, burgundy.
  • Alternatively, you can also match these bright colours with basic shades such as grey, black or white.

3. How does textured paint work and how can I use it to transform my walls at home?

  • Textured paint actually has a special 3D effect that gives your wall an entirely new look compared to when you use normal paint for your walls. By using textured paint such as Nippon Paint Momento® range of paint, you can easily use this technique to redesign the spaces at home – just in time for the Raya celebrations!
  • To push your creative boundaries, you can also infuse your own designs on the walls using stencils, in addition to the application of the textured paint!

4. What are of household items that can easily turn into the perfect Raya props?

  • When it comes to being creative in decorating the spaces at home, the possibilities are simply limitless! Here’s how you can be more creative by using existing items you have at home:
          o Old fruit baskets are great to use as a place to keep cookies bottle for your guests.

          o Chopping boards can also be reused as a serving tray.

          o Pandan leaves, dried lemongrass and cauliflowers can also be used to decorate spaces at        home! To do this, simply place them in a pot of water to maintain their freshness. These items also play double duty as a natural air freshener!

Make sure to follow Nippon Paint’s Instagram page at for an exciting surprise this Raya season! Keep a lookout for #RuangInspirasi!

To get more inspirations for your Raya designs this year, check out the Colour Palette: Edisi Raya 2020 here:

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  1. Indahnya warna-warna nie semua. Lepas raya boleh la nak mencari warna nie dan cat my bedroom. Pink Floss dan Turkish Tile tu macam best bila digabungkan

  2. Out of all those I would choose personality traits no 8 cos I like something vintage yet cosy.

  3. seronoknya nak raya mengecat rumah. Saya suka suasana rumah berwarna putih, nampak cerah dah luas. tambah wainscoting, memang wow

  4. warna nippon ni tak pernah tak cantik. lain dari yang lain. paling suka minimalist or shitake tu. tenang je rasa

  5. Jika ada sesiapa yang berhajat nak hiasi tumah bole lah pilih salah satu daripada contoh2 ni. Saya pilih nombor 8... sejuk mata memandang.

  6. Love all the colors. Pilih warna tu best, tapi nak mengecat tu alahai. Penat juga.

  7. i'm so in love with turkish tile and pink floss colour. Both looks young, stylish and trendy. Hype the colourful vibes.

  8. suka yang klasik tu, macam english style sikit kan

  9. Lembut je warna semua, tapi uma Sis ko...hahahaha dah macam McD oii, serba merah...tahun depan baru nak tukar semua!! ...berkena kelabu gituuu

  10. I like the Good vibes only... the colors combination is so nice... can create harmony too

  11. iena suka warna Pink Floss AC 2080A. Hehe cantik sangat. Nampak sweet and tenang :)

  12. Cantiklah warna-warna pilihan untuk rumah raya ni. Saya ni mampu tengok dan plan je dulu warna apa yg sesuai. Nanti dah ada rumah sendiri baru boleh buat macam ni

  13. best yer cuci mata tengok warna2 cat ni. nnt ada budget memang nak tukar coor ruangan dalaman rumah supaya nampak lebih luas

  14. cantik semua warna-warna ni kak. kalau ada rumah sendiri mesti nak pilih kaler2 macam ni.

  15. I like the The Classic Chic warna nampak soothing and senang nak match dengan most of my furniture.


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