Time to bring out the garlic, holy water, black tourmaline and onyx as Sunway Lagoon unleashes hell with the return of Nights of Fright 5 (NOF 5)!

Known to many as Malaysia’s biggest and scariest festival, it will bring a brand-new slate of
fear-infused attractions and experiences for thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies and the courageous, with classics such as Pontianak vs Pocong, The Ghostbusters Adventure LIVE!, Zombie Apocalypse and Horrorwood Studios.

From the 7 th till the 31 st of October 2017, Sunway Lagoon will play host to a horde of ghosts, ghouls, and sinister creatures. It unveils the most outrageous, eerie, hair-raising haunted
houses in the nation. If you are easily frightened, think twice before you enter. Start to feel the fear by experiencing THE ISLAND OF THE DOLLS, a replica of an accidental tourist attraction in Mexico which became famous due to a tragic disaster. The dolls are dedicated to the lost soul of a poor girl who met her fate too soon in strange circumstances who then possesses the dolls. Locals say that the dolls move their heads and arms and even opened their eyes. Some witnesses claim they have heard the dolls whispering to each other, while others who were on a boat near the island said the dolls
lured them to come down to the island. Look the dolls in the eyes, if you dare.

Further heighten the chill in your bones at OUIJA by gathering around to experience a scary séance in the mysterious and long abandoned attic of Mr. E.J. Bond Esquire’s home. Ouija boards have spooked people for decades in claims of the game to be in direct link with spirits from the world beyond. Many have witnessed their friends moving the planchette on the board while others swore some outer-worldly interference is controlling the movement!
There is a saying that when you die, everything grows dark around the edges until there was only darkness. Prepare yourself with death at DAY OF THE DEAD IN UV3D where you will be exposed to the phenomenon of life of the dead. Manoeuver in darkness as you make your way to the funeral room where you’ll see widows and children mourning the deceased.

Stay alert as those with low spirit might be spotted by the dead souls and they would always want some company in the realm of the dead.

Overrun with squalor, human misery, oppression, disease and overcrowding, haunted hospitals have one thing in common: ghosts of the past lingering in their halls. DYSTOPIA exposes you to a horrifying experience of patient treatments that are frightful to hear, daunting to see in the year 2147. Patients are kept in separate rooms while the doctor determines their treatment. These patients are put through more pain than being treated at the electric shock room and padded room to isolate patients and their muffled cries. Victims who could not withstand the torture are left to die on bloody mattresses and their souls are trapped in the bed to endlessly haunt visitors.

All within Scream Park, amp up your fear levels and call up the GHOSTBUSTERS while wandering through the iconic Firehouse HQ, and some infamous ghost locations such as Aldridge Mansion and Seward Street Subway. Then, move on to PONTIANAK vs POCONG, a bloody affair of a lover returning as a Pontianak and unfaithful husband as a Pocong – seeking what is rightfully theirs in a classic battle of evil vs evil. Meet the scariest movie characters of all time who will come to life and celebrate a night horror at HORRORWOOD STUDIOS. If you think you are fearless, enter the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE with simply no escape once you step foot into the land of the undead who will show you the worst of fears!

Re-live your childhood nightmares with iconic horror movie characters at the HORRORWOOD BOULEVARD which adopts the famous Hollywood façade with large Oscar Statues, red carpet, velvet rope barriers, and lights.

Face the curse of the sea at ZOMBIE PIRATES with the undead guardians shunning you away from bay into a pool of their horrifying torment. Try as you may to keep afloat or the cursed sea will engulf you whole!
Don’t call yourself brave until you have entered the FOREST OF FEAR. Walk through different tombstones, haunted trees and leafy vines making your stroll in the forest vulnerable to surprise encounters with Hantu Pocongs and Pontianaks!

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