'Toyol' caught dancing in daylight?

This is what will happen if you feed too much western music video to a very young kid. LOL :)

Moral of the story... careful of what your kids r watching... (that goes to me also mah)

'Toyol' caught dancing in daylight? Reviewed by Hermit on April 20, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. owhh..wallau seksis..hahahah..comella dia joget camtuhh

  2. uihh... saya tak rela anak (or anak2) saya jadi macam tuh.. dah la menari bogel, tak senonoh betul! kalau saya bapak dia dah kena luku2 kapla tu hahahaha... tengok badan macam lebih kurang Akid je, maybe 3 years plus juga kot...


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