forgive n forget

my colleagues..pj and nilai campus..
me not in the picture

I never wanted to hurt you,
I didn't mean what I said,
I know you won't listen,
but I just thought I'd say it,
I tried my best to let you go,
but I don't want to,
you've been my best friend,
for as long as I can remember,
I hope you forgive me,
for I was wrong,
and you were right,
please just understand,
that I need you,
like water,
like breath,
like rain,
I need you like,
mercy and happiness,
but I can't have happiness unless your there,
please forgive me.

source from:xEmoGirl1

" I can forgive, but how do I forget?"
Have you ever had an experience that has left you hurt, bruised, shaken?
Have you every bristled when you heard the names of people and reminded you of the painful experience?
Have you ever blamed, or blame your dissatisfaction or failures on someone something- whether it be your hubby, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, friend, parents or family?
Here are some steps to start the journey of forgiveness, and clearing the skeletons in your closet.
1. Commit to healing yourself and forgiving
2. Expect the act of forgiving serious offences to be difficult
3. Acknowledge that an offense has taken place, and assign responsibility to the offence.
4. Get rid of the idea that the offence is responsible for your present unhappiness.
5. Try forgiving lesser offences first
To all people that I know sorry for evertyhing...really mean deeply from my true heart
forgive n forget Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on April 10, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. what's the story behind this posting ayu...musykil lah plak....

  2. we r like one small happy one by one is leaving...owh so sad (";)

    yang tinggal n yang akan join family kita nti, harap2 dpt bersatu hati kan?

  3. yup Forgive & Forget... macam Akid selalu cakap;
    Apa yg penting? KERJASAMA! :)

  4. takde's just reminder to me...hehe...harap semua dapat maafkan saya ...saya juga memafkan anda semua..

    yelah zimah I still miss bro asmady..

    yo lah dedet meh le kerjasama lipat baju..heheh

  5. lipat baju? apa menda tu?.. muahahahahaha.. i dunno u lah! apa susah? angkat sumbat2 dalam almari je... (bukan ada contest pun hahaha)


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