Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

I've always want to write something regarding F1. It's my favourite & only sport that I’ll never miss to watch. My wife has asked me a few times already but up to now still haven't done anything. I didn’t know where to start, hmmm let talk about recent news. Here goes.

For those who didn't know, Lewis Hamilton (reining World Champion-the first black & youngest ever F1 Champion) & McLaren (his team) are currently in deep sh*t (pardon my rudeness). Why they are in such sorry state? Well, they lied to Stewards (a bunch of ppl who’s monitoring races to make sure all the teams/drivers follow rules). It all happens in the first race of this season, Albert Park circuit in Melbourne. It was a hectic race with Safety Car being deployed twice. In the last S.C session, Lewis (who’s in 3rd place at that time) slowed down his McLaren car to let Jarno pass. The rules said no overtaking during S.C period unless the cars in front of you in trouble (I’m trying to use layman words here, ok?). So basically, the Toyota’s driver are doing illegal overtaking move & they’ll get penalty for that. Which they did! Trulli being penalised with 25 seconds (every second make a very huge gap in F1) penalty with made him move lower down the grid. From 3rd place with 6 points to nothing, zero! But that only happened after the race have finished. So what’s the problem? Again, McLaren/Hamilton lied! Let look at what happened.
1) Just before the 2nd S.C session, Trulli who’s in front of Hamilton make a mistake by running wide off the circuit, Hamilton passed him & takes his 3rd position. After that, Vettel crash into Kubica’s BMW & S.C being deployed.
2) Hamilton asked McLaren what to do. Does he need to let Trulli pass him? Did he pass Trulli illegally in S.C period? But he strongly believed he done nothing wrong & the move was legal (which I’m fully agreed).
3) Here was where McLaren screwed up. They can’t get Charlie (the race director) advice at that time & decided to play it safe. They asked Hammy to slow down & let Trulli pass him. Which he did just that.
4) Trulli saw Hammy slow down & move aside. He knows that he can’t overtake in S.C period but thinking that the McLaren’s car is in trouble he then passed Hammy. He’s innocent & what he did was based on his judgement at that time. He can’t be 100% sure what L.H doing (F1 cars don’t have ‘Hazard light’ you know hahaha) so it was not J.T fault. I’m one of a few people who defend his move after the race & being badly bashed from L.H/McLaren fans (I do join some of F1 fans website) in the early stage. I don’t care coz to me he done nothing wrong & I’m not even a J.T/Toyota fan!
5) After the race, L.H was interviewed at the back of the garage by press & he admitted that his team had asked him to slow down & let Trulli passed. Only after that he was summoned by the Stewards.
6) The Stewards asked L.H & Dave Ryan (McLaren sporting director) the whole story. Both of them denied there was any order to slow down had taken place. To my surprise the Stewards penalised J.T without checking McLaren radio transmission (they have excess to this). I’m also amazed that L.H still wants to lie after saying the opposite to the media.
7) Trulli being stripped off his 3rd place & Hammy move up from 4th to 3rd (which basically mean 1 extra point). Everyone in McLaren keep quiet & Hammy earn back his place. I agreed that he deserved that 3rd place (it was his to claim) but what I don’t agreed was the fact that J.T being penalised 25 seconds. IMO, J.T should just be move back to 4th place because he done nothing wrong! It was just plain WRONG to give J.T a penalty.
8) But a few days before Sepang race, FIA (F1 governing body) had summoned Toyota & McLaren to a hearing & re-open the case based on new findings. Both Hammy & Dave Ryan still denied any wrong doing.
9) It was until FIA presented the radio transmission between L.H & his pitwall (including the press statement by L.H) that they can no longer continue their lying game. Both L.H/McLaren was penalised by stripping off their points in Australian G.P & Trulli/Toyota being given back their 3rd place.
10)McLaren quickly blamed Ryan (suspended & now being fired) for the drama. L.H apologised openly. He said he was a team player & an honest guy (my a**) but being mis-led by Ryan. Stop pointing finger! Be a man! You are a World Champ & already 24 y.o not 4 y.o kid! You agreed to lie in the 1st place (which u can choose not to) & then play along with the lie story. Even after some innocent guy being penalised for it, you still keep quiet. To me you are as guilty as your team! I look DOWN ON YOU! Yes, u earned that 3rd place but the way you gain it back was unacceptable.
11) Now McLaren will face ‘World Motor Sport Council’ late this month & they can face a fine or banned from future races. They deserved this!
12) Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

Hope it doesn’t bored you guys. TQ.
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