60K km Accent Maintenance Service

Last Saturday, I’ve send my wife car for a scheduled maintenance service. It’s a Korean car, a Hyundai Accent RX-S. This car had been services by Hyundai authorized Service Center so far and this is it first service by other workshop. I’m not quite sure how this thread can help but hopefully it can give some guideline for other Hyundai car owner (to compare price or whatever).

Let me start with the car 60,000km maintenance schedule. It’s a normal maintenance schedule (i.e change engine oil, filter, etc) plus a full set replacement of the timing belts (& bearings). I know it’s weird for a car to change the timing belts so early (normally between 80,000km-100,000km) but that’s what written on the owner’s manual book. Anyway, I’ve follow the schedule as a preventive maintenance service just to be safe (but only after clocking 65,000km hahaha).
I’ve send the car to a workshop near my office. It’s a new workshop (had been operating for about 6 months) and that mean it need to attract customers by offering good service and best price. My kind of place. LOL.
Below are the list of parts being change.

1) Shell Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil = 4 litres
2) Oil Filter = 1 pc
3) Timing Belts & Bearings = 1 set
4) Fan Belt = 1 no
5) Air-cond Belt = 1 no
6) Power Steering Belt = 1 no
7) Good Year Eagle NCT5 Tyre (195/55/R15) = 4 pcs
8) Tubeless valve = 4pcs
9) Computerised alignment & balancing = Front/ rear tyres
10) Labour charges
I’ve change the tyres too because all was worn out already. The tyre was RM180.00/pc and I choose the same Good Year model because the level of grip, durability & quietness it offers (experience mah). I know my wife doesn’t appreciate this thing (sigh). Total price was RM 1286.00 and it takes them 5 hours for that service. I was there all along to make sure they do the entire thing (plus to check that only genuine parts or licensed parts supplier being used). The service was very good and at one time there’s 3 men working on my wife car (no wonder pelanggan tak putus-putus datang). The team was very nice and I’m very satisfied that I don’t bother to ask for too much discount.

p/s: The workshop name is KKC Auto And Tyres Services. Located at Taman Medan Jaya, Petaling Jaya. K.K Chong (012-6374166)
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  1. haiyoo....can claim or not....from opis...me..so kemut la...esp psl keta...

  2. aiseh bebeh... cannot-lah, your car No Can't Do.. only my car mah.. no worry, already paid what? eh? i can claim from u kah? hahahaha

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