Castrol EDGE Sport Speed

Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge
Guess the correct time and win over RM10,000 worth of prizes!

If you failed again another driving test..

bcoz you're not smart to drink and fly...

But can win something for yourself or for the one that you LOVE...but HOW...

Go to to...castrol site

1. Watch weekly videos.
2 Guess how much time it took for.

4. The overall closest guess for ALL 4 videos wins!

This is the first video!! CLICK HERE
Second video...CLICK HERE
Third Video...CLICK HERE
finally...the last video!...CLICK HERE

Weekly Prizes!Every week, the closest guess to theactual time wins one of our four weekly prizes, and will also be in the running for the Grand Prize!

Blog and win! 1. Register your blog URL when you sign up.2. Create a blog post entitled “Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Challenge”. Talk about our contest.3. Remember to embed the video as well. Embed code can be found at each video page.4. The 6 most creative blog posts win!

GRAND PRIZE1 unit Sony Bravia 37” LCD TV (approx. RM3,600)User with the closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

2nd PRIZE1 unit Sony PS3 (approx. RM1,600)User with the 3nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

3rd PRIZE1 unit iPod Touch 8GB (approx. RM950)User with the 3nd closest overall answers for total 4 weeks.

5 X CONSOLATION PRIZES1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player (approx. RM230 each)

4 X Weekly Prizes for Guess & Win1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player (approx. RM230 each)Users with the first accurate or closest answer for weekly videos.

6 X Prizes for Blog & Win1 unit WALKMAN® MP3 Player (approx. RM230 each)For bloggers who write the most creative post about the Castrol EDGE Speed Challenge.

Plus exclusive Castrol premiums for all winners!1 unit WRC Car Model1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport Umbrella 1 unit Castrol EDGE Sport T-shirt

This contest brought to you by Castrol Malaysia.

Castrol EDGE Sport Speed Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on February 10, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. seems that the contest is very tough one...anyway, all the best to u if u are entering it ;

  2. ok...try guess ms_sza...mana tahu that week you're lucky...

  3. Mi, I want PS3 (untuk anaqi LOL)... tv takpe kasi chance orang lain loh... Gambate!

    anyway, tgk pics awak teringat aritu baca newspaper ada makcik kat Korea gagal ujian memandu 700plus kali... sungguh kuat 'berusaha'... tak tahu nak gelak ke nak buat insprirasi... (so sila berusaha hahaha)

  4. chaiyok2....kegagalan itu bererti amiklah ujian berkali2 untuk kegagalan sehingga mencapai kejayaan...(I pun tak paham)...apo2 jerlah

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