@@100 yen@@

100yen shop....sells only product from Japan....(you want to make sushi can come here lor)..located at UPTOWN PJ in front of UPTOWN 2 building, next to 99 speed mart.

View from outside....

They also have Japan snow ice (it's like our ABC-Air Batu Campur)

We bought something from 100 yen shop...(but not souvenir..la ahaks)

close-up "mangkuk" snow ice-RM4.50

we choose snow ice with chocolate (but according to the sales girl, the famous flavour is manggo)

Each item is RM1...but unfortunately we have't checked the packaging..especially the expired date....(hmmm....patutla jual murah)...The moral of the story.."Jadilah Pengguna Bijak"...ahaks...ditujukan khas buat Dedet...(I dunno u lah)
@@100 yen@@ Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on February 17, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. wey Mi, anak awak si afiq tu merenggek mana saya tahu.. saya masuk kutip2 trus bayar je... tapi kacang salut kopi tu best gak.. muahahaha.. nasib baik belum tamat tarikh.. aiseh..


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