5 p.m Lunch @ Station 1 Cafe

Today I went to USJ Taipan with my colleague to discuss some work with our consultant. After the meeting, very hungry mah so decided to have my lunch there. It was 5 p.m & I haven’t eat my lunch yet (take note ok Mi). So we went to Station 1 Café near their office. Nice environment, very cosy.

Strawberry Apple Orange Juice (RM 6.90) + Hot White Coffee (RM 3.50)

Chicken Ham Croissant (RM 6.30) + flag (haha)

Tuna Croissant Bread (RM 7.30)

Osh: Nice place eh bro?

Alan: Yup, got leng lui also (laughing with evil voice).

Hahahaha... Mi, Alan said not me ok? Anyway, total charge was RM 26.40 including tax which I think was reasonable. The Croissant very delicious, my taste, yummie. Owh, another thing, they are selling liquor too, so maybe it's not a good place to lepak2 with family. Hmmm :(

5 p.m Lunch @ Station 1 Cafe Reviewed by Hermit on February 25, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. alan..a...next time..a...u kasi ketuk...itu bro yer...alan...tanya dierla...takde...take away ka...utk amoi di rumah..

  2. Alan cakap dekat umah saya mana ada amoi.. ahso adala hahahaha... nasib baik dia tak cakap popo...


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