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I really love visiting Singapore. It’s a city full of fun, vibrancy, exciting attractions, beautiful beaches, stunning skyscrapers and also offers a variety of culinary experiences, and also known as the Lion City. Singapore is one of the four remaining true city-states in the world and one of the most famous cities in Asia.

The well planned MRT Rail system in Singapore makes it more accessible for the locals as well as for the tourists who visit the city. Singapore also have some undoubtedly stunning street art murals littered all over the city, you just need to know where to look. 

We can walk in the streets late at night without having to worry about being mug because of the tight security in town centers, vehicle check points, and other measures have combined substantially to reduce the level of violence and to ensure safety. As a result, we can go shopping or do any necessary things with less fear. Although we might be safe but we still need to take care of our self and always take precautionary measures.

Traveling in Singapore is definitely a delight and exciting especially for the food hunter, like me. There are various flavor in Singaporean dishes that you must try on your way through this eye catching metropolis. The one that I absolutely recommend is Sup Tulang Merah. This dish can be described as mutton soup that has some bits of meat and the marrow with delicious sweet and spicy gravy. It is also red in color and trust me when I say red I mean RED, red. 

When picking a place to stay, my advise is to look at its location in the map. In fact, it is much better if it’s close to an MRT Station as you will have no problem with transportation and most of the attractions in Singapore can be reach via the MRT. 

There are so many hotels in Singapore that can be choose depending on your budget and location. Normally I will use Traveloka app, to check for the rate and the availability based on the date that I look forward to. (Ahem! To find the best staycation Singapore deals! )

Traveloka is one-stop-shop online travel booking companies with over 100 airline and hotel partners that provide travelers with low airfare and accommodation. It’s very convenient to use and provides great value along with helping your travel booking needs (especially booking hotel). The Traveloka website also has an excellent user interface and its front page allows you to easily search for flights as well as hotels with a few clicks.

TRAVELOKA stands out in the online travel booking space in offering activities through what it calls as the ‘Xperience.” It has a great mobile app that mimics its desktop user experience. You don's need to open many windows on your computer and searching through various websites to book for different activities. With Traveloka website, it can integrates all of your flight, accommodation, and Xperience purchases into one space. With this, you don't have to stress yourself with a bunch of websites to look up. 

In terms of payments TRAVELOKA offers most reliable payment service providers to ensure every transaction is smooth and worry-free. Among the payment partners are VISA, OCBC BANK, UOB etc. Besides, we can also get additional information from other user's feedback via the Traveloka website.

Furthermore, if you are one of the Traveloka's member, you will get to enjoy special hotel discount hotel rates and exciting promotions! How exciting is that?! Not only that, you will also guaranteed a hotel stay. In the event of overbooked rooms or problems with your booking, TRAVELOKA can help you and recommend a similar hotel for you at no additional costs.

All things considered, it may be said that Traveloka is perfectly splendid especially for those who enjoy travelling as it can help you in a lot of things before, during or even after your travelling.

 Upcoming promotions:

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No matter where you came from, what language you speak or the colour of your skin – anyone can make Singapore home. It's very simple to book hotels of your choice using TRAVELOKA.

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  1. Wahhh, boleh guna app traveloka juga ya untuk booking ke Singapore ni. Teringin sangat nak Universal STudio tu

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  2. Tak sabar nak ke SG.. bolehlah guna Traveloka lepas ni ☺️

  3. Singapore was my first solo destination almost a decade ago, for all the reasons you stated above. I've never used Traveloka yet, but will look into it for my future trips.

  4. senang je sekarang kalau nak pergi bercuti, guna je apps Traveloka confirm lega

  5. Lama dah tak gi singapore. Selalu jugak guna traveloka ni kalau book hotel

  6. Rindunya nak pi Singapore lagi. Nanti dah bebas pandemik boleh pegi sana lagi.

  7. Yay... dah lama tak pergi holiday jalan-jalan. Singapore walaupun sebelah je tapi rindu juga nak pergi. Hopefully leps ni dapat la pergi jalan-jalan

  8. Wahh tak sabarnya nak tunggu Green-light traveling to Singapore ni.. sedih tak dapat New Year kat sana tahun ni.. huhu... no more grand firework.. :P

  9. Dah lama tak pergi Singapore. nanti bila keadaan dah selamat, nak travel Singapore dengan traveloka

  10. Alaaa rindunya nak tavel ke SG ni, kita negeri sebelah ni duk pandang jeling-jeling aje dari jauh hehehehe

  11. wow what a fun place to visit. love how easy it is to travel with this app

  12. Lama tak x dpt job traveloka eh la kak lama kte x ke singapore..usahkan singapore KL pun lama tak gi hahha..nnt pas reda leh la gi

  13. Sejak COVID-19 ni. Tak sangka dah lama tak tengok apps travel ni. Banyak promosi rupanya.


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