"Baby's Day Out" written by Mrs Ayuarjuna

Have you seen this movie before..it's really funny ..a story about one day's adventures of a kidnapped baby in the city.(I think sometime in 1994)

Or may be you have seen this book written by JoBea Holt..very impressive book a guidelines to parents how to choose the best place for baby's outing...(have you read this book, me not yet :P)

Most of the parents I know enjoy taking their babies or kids out for fresh air, walks to the park, or maybe out to the local coffee shop. Same as us, we love to bring our kids especially weekend because this is the time that we can spent time our time together...
Below are some activities that me and my kids have in last weekend 5th july 2009;

8.30am- we went to the Kiara's Park Petaling Jaya..My kids really enjoyed themselves walked on that "rock lane"- is it?..ahaks

and you can see..they keep saying..ouch..ouch...sound so cute..

then after lunch around 2.15pm..we went to Sunway Lagoon...even it's so HOT my kids still enjoy play in the water...
8.15pm, our last destination for outing on that day was Pizza Hut at Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya..
We love to go any restaurant Pizza since my little baby Afiq love to eat Pizza and Lasagna..plus we want to celebrate in advance my wedding anniversary (this month)....huaaa
some pictures taken during "makan-makan"...

yeah...around 10pm..we went back home...restless..and have a sweet dream...

A baby changes things;
They’ll never be the same;
Your life is filled with wonder,
Since your little miracle came.
There’s lots of things to do now,
But with the new tasks you face,
Your family gains more love,
And bonds time will never erase
By Karl and Joanna Fuchs
me..a mother of four charming kids;
"Baby's Day Out" written by Mrs Ayuarjuna Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on July 10, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. HI AYu,

    INteresting lar ur blog..click on ur blog link when i saw ur winning blog link for gomobile 09...congrats yo!

    Got a q...I am planning to bring my kids(one year old and 3 yr old) to Sunway Lagoon...do u think 1 yr old got any nice thing to do der besides the kids pool?

  2. hi molly...tq for dropping by here...

    act there are so many places in sunway lagoon that your kids might be like n will enjoy...esp at pets wonderlsnd...you can feed all this cute pets...like ponny, tortoise etc...n also there are wet n dry pool..n at sunway they have one pool for kids/babies (since my baby can do crawlling activities in the pool)..hehehe..so I hope you can enjoy yourself there!


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