Baby Bottle Giveaway- Tiny Tapir's

I love to read this poem-got from one website (can't remember the url)..touching and funny..

On the Day That I Was Born
by Bruce Lansky

On the day that I was born,
My father was so proud.
No other baby in its crib
could scream and cry so loud.
No other baby kicked its covers

to the nursery floor.
No other baby drank its milk then yelled, “I want some more!”
And when I messed my diapers,
nurses rang the fire bell.
Then firemen with hoses
would spray the nursery well.
I would have been so boring—so quiet and well-bred,
if the clumsy doctor hadn’t dropped me on my head
Back to the heading story...yay..the owner of Tiny Tapir (sound so cute) is giving away these lovely bottles for those who are lucky (I guess)...

Set 1 : 3 x Siliskin & Evenflo Glass Bottles (size of our choice) - value up to RM150

  • extra grip to avoid slippage when feeding from a glass bottle.
  • Colorful nubbly siliskins are instantly attractive to babies
  • Microwave safe, keeps heat from transferring from bottle to hands, hypo allergenic and dishwasher safe.
  • The translucent sleeve also allows you to see measurements and liquid in the bottle.
    Cleaner than any plastic, glass bottles are the best! Unlike plastic (which should be discarded when cloudy or scratched), glass bottles will literally last for generations of babies.
  • Available in a selection of colors can switch the skin!...
And other prize...

Set 2 : 1 x set of Thinkbaby BPA Free Bottles & a Thinkbaby Sippy Bottle Conversion Kit (size of our choice) - value up to RM137..I like the medium size...


  • Includes Anti-colic Nipple & Travel cap
  • Bottle has been specifically formulated to be free of Bisphenol-A and toxic Chemicals
    Stage I (slow flow) nipple - for 0 to 3 months
  • packaged in recycled materials

  • Includes 2 spouts & 1 trainer cup handle
  • Designed to fit either the thinkbaby 160ml or 260ml bottles (i might choose this size)
    packaged in recycled materials
You also need to leave comment HERE...(tiny tapir's blog)..for a chance to win one of these two sets...wahhhhhhhh...I hope can win one of this set..coz I know that my lil' baby will LOVE the bottle n this might be one the best gift for his coming birthday...( or mother wish? :P)

Children are our most valuable natural resource. -Herbert Hoover

many TinyTapir..for organizing this such amazing contest.....muah muah

me, myself..n milk bottle;
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  1. good luck!!! memang best kalau dpt menang apa contest /giveaway pun.. :)

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