Surat Cinta & Contoh Jawapan Exam Terbaik!

I got these from the net;

Obviously, this letter was written by some nerd who is also happen to be a Star Wars die-hard fan LOL... kinda remind me of what Juden cosmonaut & myself was doing on Bai's love letter to her gf back then hahahaha. Sshhh... ;P ok, enuff... below contoh jawapan terbaik yg diberi student dalam ujian... kalah student ICT hahaha...
Surat Cinta & Contoh Jawapan Exam Terbaik! Reviewed by Hermit on October 15, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. yeah belum baca surat cinta student I...simpati pun ader...lawak pun ader berair mata...hahah

  2. tak baik lah awak... gelakkan org hahahaha


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