People do stupid thing when they are in love. They would not listen to their family or close friends. Sometime you need to listen. Don’t be blind because of love. Everyone knows this but for whatever reasons people keep doing it, being blind when they are in love. I’m not being sexist but from my experience women are more likely to be blinded by love. Maybe they regard it as the most precious thing in their life, can’t live without it or whatever, I don’t know. But as a man, a husband and a dad, I do know that you (woman) must always be careful with what men said. Men are sweet talker by nature & will do anything to get what they want (especially woman). They’ll lie, be an instant saint or do anything to please the girl. There’s a very thin line between love & lust, & for most guys it’s the same thing. So every woman need to differentiate this, love or lust that being thrown to them. Lust will not last while true love will last forever. More often we heard that young girl run away with their boyfriend. They dump their family just to be with their so called boyfriend. Many also converted just to be with their man. Is this what we call love? Think about it, if you love somebody, you’ll do the right thing for them i.e things that’ll never hurt anybody. You’ll care for them and think of their well-being and their future. If someone (usually family members) doesn’t like your chosen one then there must be something wrong. Find it and solve it. Don’t be so blind to ignore bad things that others see in your love one. Maybe they are right. Heck, most of the time they are right! Don’t make decision that you’ll regret it at the end of the day. Tq.

p/s: "Selamat Pengantin Baru" to my best bro!!! u r the man! P(")q Yosh!
Love Reviewed by Hermit on October 13, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. yup yup...dun trust married man...haha

  2. hey Mi, trust is a strong word lah.. Can’t say don't trust, just maybe have some doubt… u know I know lah.. LOL ;)

  3. ape kess ntah tetibe hangin speaking berabuk abg ipar ak nih..
    p/s: naqi da paw dadet psp tak?

  4. ngehngehngeh... biasa la.. ngko ingat akak ko je leh datang bulan? hormones go haywire, biasa la tu LOL

  5. Lain macam jer ayu nyer komen :P

    Bro, time kaseh pasal wish kat aku

  6. YourBro-soon-to-be-Wife ;)October 21, 2009 at 1:24 PM


    'best bro' suh comment..tak tau nak comment ape so just wanna say 'HI!!'..;)

  7. yo bro (& best bro soon to be wife).. adapun ngko.. harap2 korang berbahagialah ke anak cucu.. :)

  8. Thanks bro. Yang komen lepas aku tu ialah bakal sis engko. Saje je aku suruh dia join komen.

    Aritu lagi aku dah plan nak join, tapi engko la, pegi tak kasi set betul2. Sekarang baru ok.

    Ayu maner? tak join ke?

  9. aku tahu... :) cuma ralatlah tak pernah jumpa (ngko lah simpan dalam peti ais) hahaha

    ayu ada tu.. sibuk sket.. lagipun parent aku datang so ngko paham2lah ;)

  10. YourBro-soon-to-be-WifeOctober 26, 2009 at 11:41 AM

    kem salam kat kak ayu..really looking forward to get to know you guys in person.

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