Unwritten Law?

What's actually Drive Thru counter? 'Kaunter Pandu Masuk' in Malay is it? Sorry, my wife said my Bahasa is bad but I'm quite sure Drive mean 'Pandu'. So, if you are riding a motorbike then it can't surely be define as driving is it? And by doing that are you entitle to use the Drive Thru counter? I don't think so. It just not right. It's plain WRONG!

Yes, maybe what i said make me look like an arrogant person but just think about it. What is the main purpose of this counter? To aid people who go there by car (to settle whatever thing they need to be there i.e pay bills, ordering fast foods etc.). Common sense. And why are these people need special counters? Because for some reason parking bay in the area are limited & hard to find. Common sense (again). And please-lah, don't ever try to argue and say that motorbike parking are hard to find too. I'm used to ride motorbike when i was younger. Letak mana pun boleh beb! Siapa mau clamp? So, to those riders, please-lah be considerate. Think of other people. Let move on. Don't stuck with third-world mentality. Thank You.

Pics taken last week at PJ state. Need to make some TNB payments. Jam kat kaunter pandu masuk coz beratur panjang. Just b'coz some inconsiderate sohai riding motorbike turut beratur, my car blocking laluan masuk ke kaunter. Udah la guna Drive Thru, dok tengah-tengah line lak tu, beratur cam bawak kereta, bukannya nak dok tepi sikit ke haper. Menyebabkan orang lain yang tak ada kena-mengena pun susah nak lalu main road. Almost 30 minutes before my turn. Yang tak faham tu, rela pula diorang beratur tengah-tengah panas. Padahal, kat depan bangunan banyak parking motosikal, park je, masuk dalam, ambil nombor, tunggu giliran dalam air-cond. siap boleh baca paper lagi. Aiyoo... So, siapa yang angkuh sebenarnya?
Unwritten Law? Reviewed by Hermit on January 22, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. huisk....huisk...panas2....gi makan mana meh...

  2. hangin satu badan nih Mi... tapi saya bukan cam awak... hangin ke tensen ke dapat ramen 50sen pun ok je, tak perlu makan best pun...


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