Another kopitiam at Sek. 14 near to Bank Rakyat...ahaks...me n my hubby really like the taste of kick coffee and crunchy of 'roti bakar'

View from inside Ipoh kopitiam

Place that they 'bakar' our 'roti bakar'...

Akid..fresh look after wake-up from his sleep

the marvelleous coffee (RM2.20)

Peanut butter bread after baked (bakar); (RM1.60)

Actually there are more than 1 piece..my kids are really hungry...so cannot help..at least left I slice for me to take the picture.

Fish ball soup (akid's favourite)-(RM2.00)

Cham tea with 'original roti bakar'(kaya n butter)-(RM1.60)
Porridge - the 'mangkuk' is so big (RM4)

Polo bun aka Roti manis~this is my favourite (RM1.60)

Yee Mee..(RM5.50) haiyak3...
I love to go to this Kopitiam..the price is reasonable and the most important there is no TAX...
&&IPOH KOPITIAM..LAI LAI&& Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on January 02, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. Roti manis.. my fav... the coffee very good too, although doesn't have many variety as the Old Town Coffee place.. the place is nice, clean, have plenty of good foods & considerably cheap... a must try :) my kids love it (my wife? jgn kira.. semua tempat makan dia suka)... hahahaha sorry mi..

  2. hahaha...saya gemuk tapi comel apa....hahah..klu tak betul...awk tido..kat ruang tamu...hahahah


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