PDRM Mitsubishi Evo X - Arrived!!!

Finally, a fleet of PDRM Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X had arrived. In June 2008, a report reveals that fleet management company Spanco signed a deal to supply the Malaysian government with 2,500 units of Proton Waja and 10 units of the Mitsubishi Evolution. Back then, it was never mentioned in the MySinChew report (yes, i do read chinese newspaper sometimes) which G department would be getting this 'fun' car, but common sense would be our police force. Propably will be use as pursuit vehicles or VIP security escort. Yummie.... :)

PDRM Mitsubishi Evo X - Arrived!!! Reviewed by Hermit on January 06, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. no wonder man always said...car is their second wife....no doubt..ehhehe I still number one...am I right dad..huh?

  2. of coz lah u number one... how many wife i have? LOL

  3. only ONE jer ok.....as perjanjian...hahaha

  4. Hope u two live happily..insya-Allah..hehe.. Madam angkat la satu kete tuh...Kalau kite dah keje gaji lumayan konfim kite beli..haha

  5. ai yo yo...kete tu klu angkat satu...maknanya...makin slimla madam...kurang makan...hahah...tgkla...klu korang buat sumbangan....blh mdm buat downpayment keta tuh...ache...berbaktila pada lec mu ini...belajo...cina...kena request ngan husband meh...bhs cina malay kongkang....hahaha...dedet wa ai ni...tu jer mmg tau...lain tak tahu..

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