Malaysia A1 team lost!..

band kontijen Polis Malaysia..mmg ada umph!!
Perarakan before race.

Afiq tido...
A1 race first lap

Last Sunday, I went to Sepang...purposely to watched A1 race....ok...the weather was good and there are so many people ..Since this is first time for me watching the A1 I am really excited (teruja yang amat)...I just bring 3 bottles (medium size) and it's not enough for me and the kids....I have to buy another 3 mineral bottles...but the price really expensive...for small mineral water the price is RM3, soft drink also RM3, nuggets, fries even burger...etc.. cost you RM 5 and above....We sat in-front of podium so we can see clearly the race...especially who's the one leading during the race....Our Malaysia team (Fairuzz Fauzi) for the first three laps he managed to get third place. But unfortunately...something happen...missunderstanding...from pitstop..he enter the pitsop for the end of the race he managed to get no 11..(i think so) get more details go to took some pictures..but unfortunately it's still inside my hubby camera. may be next time...i will upload into my blog
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