Friso Brings My Family Out

anaqi and yana participated in drawing contest!
movie carnival at I utama

coking with kid competition

anaqi n yana at BMW F1 exhibition

kids playtime!!

Kids complaining that they're bored? Daydreaming about warm weather fun at the beach? ? Congratulations--you have cabin fever! But fear not, these three best outdoor activities are guaranteed to chase away your family's blues.
  • Go Play Outside!
    With younger children, I've always found it's better to plan many activities that take short amounts of time, rather than say, a long hike on a cold day.

  • Take Your Camera for a Walk
    Record your visit. What catches your eye? A funny sign? A beautiful view? Grandparents holding hands? Snap it. (Be sure to ask people if it's OK to take their picture.) Look for something out of the ordinary; something that could give even the person with you a different way of seeing the same things.

  • Outdoor family activies
    Shooping, hiking, visit your relatives, watching movies etc.

Why family day is important to your children...hmm. Since children are at school all day and parents are at work the best time to do, only weekend or maybe one day a week they should spend time together. When you have time with your kids, you will know what's your kids needed. Through communication, playing games, touching or listening make them happy. Family day doesn't mean that you have to used lots of money. It's just an outing or maybe gathering with you family either indoor or outdoor. For me and husband every weekend is family day. So we spent time all days with the kids. We bring them theme park or zoo or shopping mall. And sometimes we do participated any event at the mall. It's really exciting. like what nuffnang (Friso) did!! activities for family it's really a great idea. This is the way we can meet other family and share so many things. Like tips or maybe gossipping..hehe..To the parents out there...there so many things you can do to make your family happy especially kids...Grats...Happy Family DAy...should be Every DAy...

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