Introducing NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif: A Growing-up Milk Formulated To Help Children Achieve More Growth With More Calcium

Nestlé today unveiled its specially formulated growing up milk – NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif, during a live virtual event, providing Malaysian parents with a tailored nutrition option to help their children achieve optimum growth at each stage. NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif will replace NESTLÉ LACTOKID ® through the coming months.

NESTLÉ LACTOKID ® first launched in November 2014, providing a formulated milk powder with high calcium for children to help them stay nourished and support their growth throughout their developing years.

Now, with an all-new look under NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif, this formulated milk powder provides the same goodness in nutritional values as before. NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif is formulated for children 1 to 6 years old and contains higher calcium compared to other key brands** in the market, as well as DHA and 18 important vitamins and minerals to support the optimal growth of a child.

The live launch event saw several fun interactive sessions that helped viewers understand more about
child growth while a virtual discussion took place to debunk height myths in children to help parents
understand the importance of calcium, vitamin D and other important nutrients for the growth of their
little ones. Juan Aranols, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad said:
We want to help children reach their full potential and this requires addressing stunting, as 1 out of 5 children is not getting enough nutrition to ensure their full physical and intellectual development***. We want to share learnings on the importance of nutrition and the role of nutrients like calcium in children’s development, as well as howNESTLÉ LACTOGROW® Aktif can help support a child’s optimal growth
Jasmin Estacio, Business Manager of NESTLÉ Nutrition Malaysia said: 

A healthy development during early childhood equates to better physical health and positive well-being for the next few years of a child’s life and beyond. NESTLÉ LACTOGROW® Aktif would like to support parents with a product that complements their everyday efforts to provide the best for their children during this important stage in life. We hope to continue supporting parents to learn more about the importance of nutrition, especially calcium, to support their child’s growth!
The abundance of information available today might make parents feel overwhelmed of the right way to
help their children grow. There are also many myths on increasing a child’s height commonly shared
amongst Malaysian parents, such as playing basketball and hanging from monkey bars, which makes the challenge even greater to ensure their children are on track to achieve growth milestones for their age.

To help parents tackle this issue, Nestlé invited Professor Dr. Norimah binti A. Karim, Professor in Nutrition, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at International Medical University to share her thoughts about “Debunking Growth Myths Among Children” during the virtual event. The discussion revolved around the rising issues affecting growth amongst children, with Professor Norimah weighing in on debunking popular growth myths and shared ways parents can ensure their children take in adequate nutrition daily to achieve optimum growth during their formative years.

When raising children, parents need to understand that a balanced diet is important to ensure that they
can develop to their fullest potential. The prevalence of stunting in children is primarily due to
malnourishment — a lack of balanced nutrition in their everyday diet. Amongst various nutrients,
insufficient calcium intake is one of the major issues faced by Malaysian children, and this plays an
important role in determining their overall growth said Professor Dr. Norimah.

Based on a survey done from 9 to 22 June 2020, involving 186 mothers who have previously used NESTLÉ LACTOKID ® , 98% would recommend the milk brand to their friends and family. Besides being formulated with high calcium, vitamin D, protein and DHA to support growth and development, NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif also has no added sucrose, making it a better option for young children. NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif comes in 900g packets for two age groups, namely NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif 1-3 and NESTLÉ LACTOGROW ® Aktif 4-6, and is currently available in stores nationwide. To rewatch the virtual event and discussion, do visit Nestlé Start Well 2gether’s Facebook page. 

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