Korean Festival at Courtyard SS15 Subang Jaya


OMG the K-fever wave is back with Chuseok, a Korean autumn festival at SS15 Courtyard! There are so many exciting activities waiting for you guys. Seriously, it's so happening :-)

Let's join the Kimchi Making Workshop, Korean Spicy Topokki Eating Challenge, Korean Spicy Noodle Eating Challenge, and for kids can join the K-street Colouring Contest!This happening event will be on September 25th - 30th from 10:00am to 10:00pm! 

Tentative Programme as follows:

25th to 30th September 
Mini Korean Fair 
10:00am to 10:00pm Phototaking with HanBok 

28th to 30th September 
12:00pm to 8:00pm Korean Arts & Crafts 

29th September 
12:00pm Large Bibimbap Demo 
1:00pm Golden Bell Quiz 
2.00pm K-Street Colouring Contest 
4:00pm K-Pop Performance 
4:15pm K-Pop Dance Along Workshop 
5:00pm Kimchi Making Workshop 
5:30pm Korean Spicy Topokki Eating Challenge 
6:00pm Korean Spicy Noodle Eating Challenge 

30th September 
12:00pm Gimbap Rolling Workshop 
1:00pm Golden Bell Quiz 
2:00pm ss15 Courtyard K-Pop Dance Cover Competition 
5:00pm K-Pop Dance Along Workshop by RJVN 
5:30pm Korean Spicy Topokki Eating Challenge 
6:00pm Korean Spicy Noodle Eating Challenge

On the 30th September 2018, there will be K-pop Dance Cover Competition. The Event will be held at the concourse of ss15 Courtyard, Ground Floor. And it is open to all without limits of age or Nationality.
The prizes are really tempting, yeahhh.

Champion (x1) – RM3,000 cash & prizes 
1st Runner-Up (x1) – RM2,000 cash & prizes 
2nd Runner-Up (x1) – RM1,000 cash & prizes 
Consolations (x2) – RM500 cash & prizes

 As we know K-pop fans really admire their idols a lot. This whole dance cover comes about when people want to be like their idols. It's not about simply dancing to the tune.But the challenge is mimicking every single steps all the way. For example, if the Kpop group has 6 person, the participating team need to have 6 person. Wowee
On that day, RJVN DC will do the performance. For your information RJVN DC had participated in major dance competition from 8tv and Astro in the year 2012. RJVN DC had also taken part competition in other countries - being Champion in Thailand dan got 2nd place in Hong Kong. 

I also looking forward to get/buy korean foods, especially their instant ramen, banana milk and many mores! For sure during the festival all the products will be offer with the good bargains and many choices :-)

For the food lovers, don't forget to drop by and try yourself the HALAL korean food at Hangbing Cafe and Mr. Dakgalbi.

As for myself I am so in love with desserts/food that been offered at Hangbing Cafe - The Best Korean Dessert Cafe.

Don't forget to try all these desserts yeahh..

Oreo SnowIce ~ My no.1 fave!

Injeolmi SnowIce ~ If you love peanut, you can choose this. So creamy..nyums

Creentea SnowIce

Strawberry Cheese SnowIce

Blueberry Cheese SnowIce

I am so happy with this Blueberry Cheese SnowIce. The blueberry fruit is so sweet mix with the cheesy taste from the cheese cake. And they put ice cream on the stop. Heaven. Cannot stop eating guys..

Korean Fried Chicken

Spicy chicken with salad

This also one of my favourite. The rice cake, special sauce and the most important is the melting cheese, really tempting.

Peaceful and cosy :-)

For further information about the event, please visit this link:-

So guys don't miss out and lock your dates on September 25th - 30th!

See you there!!!
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