My Version of Grooming Tips

Grooming wee
1. Know about yourself...your face shape....
forr example: if you have beautiful heart-shape mean that you have a more prominent chin, so you should wear makeup that draws focus away from that area, playing up your mouth and cheeks with a punchy color instead.
2. Use rose water/plain water (air paip hehe) to cleanse your face every morning and evening.
3. Apply castor oil regularly to your eyebrows and eyelashes before going to bed to enrich their growth.
4. Use olive oil..if you have dry can help to moisturize your skin...After you applied ever day for a week you might found that your skin become more smooth and hydrated. Olive oil also can be use as make-up remover. It will leave a fine layer of oil to nourish your skin all night long.
5. For oily skin- you can paste of ground mint (daun pudina) leaves and rose's really cool and the result it's really effective or peel a small apple and grate it. Squeeze its juice and mix it with a few drops of lime juice. Spread it on your face and leave it for 20mins then rinse off.
6. Use the correct/match deodorant with you..because it could help to increase your confident level.

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