Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

Project Alpha is Malaysia’s first online TV Show about bloggers. It's under Nuffnang project together with well-known organisatin such as Adidads, and many more. The selected bloggers was already well-known with their unique issues, infomation especially topic regarding to topich trend, celebrity new, travel, entertainment, lifestyle etc. From this first online TV Show about bloggers, we know more about their life, inspiration and many more.

Pic: from Jojo Struys. com (so pretty.."like"her baby face)

This show was hosted by Jojo Struys, and being aired @ and daily for 7 weeks started on 18 September 2009.

Featured bloggers in Project Alpha 1 (last season as listed below). And among this 7 amazing bloggers, I might choose Kennysia as my favourite blogger...

"simple guy...with smart style"

mr. budiey
"Sensasi dan terkini"
Not only discuss about artist, movie preview, gossiping about other people life, gadget..sometimes you also can join any contest organized by Mr. Buddy which offer you with very attractive prize....

Red Mummy
Amazing mother with 2 kids and caring hubby (the Red Daddy aka Mr. Sirman)..Love shopping, eating, make up thingy and many more.....and the more important fact.."she is so obsessed with the red things"...hahah

everything about her seem so cute...

" abe" wan aka beautifulnara
"Marilah bergosip secara berhemah"

Blog Hiburan Sensasi Dan Terkini Tentang Artis Malaysia !
From the tagline obviously show that this blog is about artist..
Bergosip secara berhemah...adoilahh..:)
Many readers will give a feedbacks every time after he published something in his blog.

"She is so sweet with adorable eyes..."
Her postings are so simple...and honest

Huai Bin
"sexy man with daring posting...and posing also...hahaha"

Now for this year 2010...Project Alpha 2 will premiere on 19 April and we can catch the show on when it airs.

Can't wait to watch the 7 bloggers who’ll be featured on Project Alpha Season 2

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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