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Well hello there friends! 

Today I want to introduce to you to Bloom2U, an online flower delivery service that’s got the best deals in Malaysia. They’re a Kuala Lumpur florist, like, they actually have a physical shop as well (with another branch in Petaling Jaya), and from what I can see, they’re doing a dang good job in expanding their business online as well.

The site’s well made, their breakdown of products are very well organised and man do they have quite the collection too! Just have a look at the screenshot I took below.

Like, they’re definitely more than just a bouquet of flowers that’s for sure. They’ve got everything from birthdays and mother’s days to valentines and openings, and most of the main occasions we would usually have a need for flowers for. Then they’ve segmented their stock via flower type, so if your babe has got preferences for a specific type of flower, it wouldn’t be too hard to find.

Each product page they have has a little description on what they throw in and anything else we ought to be aware of. For example, I checked out under their Grand Opening category was a sub-category they call Great Opening. There was a floral arrangement named “A LA VÔTRE”, which uses pink roses as one of its main elements and they had this in the description “The pink color roses is seasonal and subject to availability”. Well I found it super useful to be honest. It managed my expectations knowing that. Pricing is pretty reasonable too, with a lot of choices to cater to many different budgets.

But the appeal with them is that they focus more on providing you with some consultations and giving you ideas on what you can do with whatever needs you may have. That’s customer service for ya!

I’m pretty happy with my find since it makes things a whole lot more easier when I need my next bouquet of flowers for whatever reason. Ha! This is one kuala lumpur florist that means business. Things are well thought out and they (look like) know what they’re doing, which is obviously a good thing since we’re buying products that are meant to make other people happy. So if you’re looking for an online flower delivery, look no further mon amie! Click Here and I’ll direct you to Bloom2U.
Bloom2U | The Best Flower Delivery! Reviewed by AyuArjuna BiGoshh on May 26, 2016 Rating: 5


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