Obviously we need a MPV!!!

Yes, I know we need a mpv. Yes, I'm planning to buy one. Yes, I've made a short list on preferred models. But No... I'll not rush in making my decision. Banyak sangat soalan camni lebih2 lagi sejak Amani lahir. Cam penat lak nak menjawab. As to why it take too long in making my decision i'll explain below in a brief review on my preferred mpv. Good also for me coz boleh rujuk balik bila sampai masanya..

1)Nissan Serena-4th Generation
RM150-160k (estimate)
2000cc Petrol – NA
Nissan Serena 3rd Gen (4th Gen belum lancar!)

My 1st choice! I've been waiting for this mpv since 2008, Nissan Serena 3rd Generation. Early this year dapat news yg ETCM decide to skip this model & go straight to 4th Generation. Tak kisah, kalau lebih kurang sama ngan 3rd Gen then I'm a happy man. If refer to Japan model lifecycle then Nissan should launch the 4th Gen next year (2011) & if thing going smoothly then TanChong should bring to our shore a year later. Dengar khabar Serena 4th Gen akan lebih menarik & will be CKD-ed (that mean cheaper price).

Serena 3rd Gen (interior)

Overall package (such as price, space, engine & design) is the most desirable (by me at least). Saiznya tak terlalu besar (a tad lower than large mpv such as Alphard/Elgrand) but bigger & roomier than mid-size mpv (Wish/Stream). Not sure if can wait any longer, lebih2 lagi dgn keadaan ekonomi yg suram & memaksa banyak gergasi automobil to review their plan (yg tentunya menjejaskan perancangan awal mereka)... :(

2)Peugeot 5008
RM 150k plus (estimate)
1600cc Petrol – NA or Turbocharged (not sure if the diesel variant will be available here)
Peugeot 5008

Handsome mpv inside-out (no doubt). Different category from my preferred choice, the Pug is mid-size mpv which mean quite small (same category as Wish/Stream). Nevertheless it’s still capable to transport my young family for another 5 years (I hope).

Peugeot 5008 (cockpit-love it!)

Naza (Nasim-Peugeot) will launch it come this year end. Hope they will bring the petrol 1.6 turbocharged version. Looking forward for that day! However, there were some unpleasant comments toward Naza Service center & that make me think twice before decide anything. Also, the Pug spareparts will not be cheap (thank to stupid spareparts import tax plus greedy Naza).

Peugeot 5008 (heads-up display)

Love the heads-up display system!! AFAIK it's the only mpv with this feature. Cool huh? :)

3) Hyundai Grand Starex Royale
RM140k plus
2500cc Diesel – Turbocharged

Hyundai Grand Starex Royale

The cheapest ‘huge’ people carrier offered in Boleh-land before SsangYong go berserk. Decent exterior & interior design, nothing outstanding but still pleasant to the eyes. A down to earth competitor to Alphard/Elgrand. The turbodiesel powerplant produce almost 400Nm of torque from as low as 2000RPM to keep the 2.2 tonne moving with full load, so we can push aside the ‘underpower’ doubt.

Hyundai Grand Starex Royale (interior)

Value for money but since Malaysian diesel is crap so I’m not quite sure I’m ready to take risk into choosing a diesel engine anytime sooner. I don't want to be force replacing my diesel injectors prematurely. Lagipun roadtax kereta diesel lebih mahal berbanding petrol (& why we still need roadtax for? anybody??)

4)SsyangYong Stavic
RM 112k plus
2700cc Diesel - Turbocharged
SsyangYong Stavic (uweekks..)

The ugliest mpv in my list (or perhaps ugliest manmade mpv ever!). But don’t get fooled, interior trim quite good with decent design & lot of goodies. That matter most coz you spend most of the time inside, not outside, duh… Insanely cheap (for a large mpv)!!! They still come with captain seat and leather seats with that price. Superior than the Starex in interior design (Starex too plain to my liking). Engine is capable enough to ‘pull’ this 2.7 tonne monster. The turn down was it diesel powerplant (refer Starex) & the fact that Ssyangyong already bankrupt & being bought by Mahindra (oh Noooo!!!!).

5)Proton Exora (Turbo)
Less than RM 100k (estimate)
1600cc Petrol - Turbocharged

Proton Exora MC (layan jelah pic ni)

IMO, current Exora are quite well-equipped. It’s cheap, offered good space (for a mid-size mpv), quite pleasant design but come with an underpowered engine. There’s doubt that 150Nm of torque is sufficient to move that 1.4 tonne ‘anak gajah’ with full load. A solution is to supply at least a bigger capacity NA engine (preferably 2000cc) or slap in a turbocharger. That would help into supplying higher peak torque at a much lower RPM and will come very handy when overtaking other cars. News said Proton will launch a turbo version sometime soon (early 2011). I don't think that it'll come with too much exterior/interior changes compare to current Exora. Anyway, it’s a good choice if you want to save money. It’s cheap, exterior design not bad, good interior space (in it class), lotsa goodies & thank GOD it now come with suitable engine. The only turn down is IT’S A PROTON.

6)Toyota Alphard-Vellfire
RM 200k -300k (depend on year made)
2400cc or 3500cc Petrol - NA
Toyota Alphard Vellfire

Love this mpv very much. I really, really, really want one. But... (there's always but)... I don't like the idea of spending more than RM100k on a recon car. I rather buy a new but slightly lower class car than an expensive recon car. Also didn't want to buy cars from grey importer which can make my life difficult in finding good services & spareparts in the future.

p/s: Mi, takde contest menang kereta ke? Wahahahaha
Obviously we need a MPV!!! Reviewed by Hermit on September 20, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. ayu kena join contest yg ada GP keta lah :)

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