Impossible Creatures - PC Game Review

Sempena Anaqi maintain all 'A' untuk mid term exam (walaupun dok tgk katalog kereta kat dalam kelas-kantoi ngan mummy hahaha) so I kasilah habuan beli new game untuk dia. Alasan je.. sbnrnya dedet nak main LOL. So masa g cari dia choose 1 game kereta & 1 real time strategy game. Impossible Creatures.. nampak ganas & memang ganas... disebabkan hanya game ni yg i sempat install so i decide nak give la a brief review...

Basically, u have to create your own animal army or just select from a few pre-defined armies available. What so cool about this game is u can combine two animals to create a new creature. Like you are a mad scientist of sort... playing with genetic combination to create an ultimate creature... wicked hahaha... as your army of coz... & after that use them to go to war-lah (daa)... u can choose campaign or play it versus computer (or other players via LAN). Below r example of what u can see on 'army builder';

Baboon + Cheetah = Babeetah (it's real-no joke)

Ant + Elephant =Anthephant (u should see how it move, funny LOL)
U can choose from quite a number of islands (14 to be exact) where u want to have battle.Btw, it's not that straight forward. I said earlier that it was a tactical strategy game so of coz u need to build buildings and gather resources to create army.

As u can see on below image, u will be given a lab & 3 workers at the start of the game. U have to gather coal and create electricity using geo-thermal turbines. Then u have to upgrade your lab into higher level so that u can use the 'genetic map' created previously (by u) in the 'army builder' page. Then go to war with your army & try to conquer others (or computer) village. That's all... p(")q

What good about this game is that there's a lot of animals that u can combine/play with. Good for the kids to recognize & remember all their names. They can also play with their creativity (read: play God hahaha). As for Anaqi, he already familiar with this type of game & know how to gather or find resources or build necessary buildings. When he was 1st introduced into this type of game, I've take my time to explain to him why we need to create powerplant, factory, warehouse etc. Why we need power, raw materials, buildings, blablablabla. Explain to him how similar that game and real life is. How everything works. It's education too lah (yeah... Mummy never agree with this). Last time it take him just 1 week to start winning 'Command & Conquer- Generals'. Let see how long it take him for this game. But of coz, i never agree with the violent in it. And u need to explain to them (kids) about it too... :p
Impossible Creatures - PC Game Review Reviewed by Hermit on August 07, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. yo lah selalu macam tu....pilih mainan ke game ke dedet die paling excited....

  2. main game lagi baik dari dok ngumpat hahahahaha

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